Becoming a Culturally Sensitive Organisation

Course Highlights:

  • Part 1: Audit yourself and your organisation, learn key terminology and deepen your understanding of bias and its impact in your professional context.
  • Part 2: Increase your Awareness of the experiences that Black and Brown people face, understand the systemic nature of inequality and apply this knowledge to your own context.
  • Part 3: Act on all you have learnt by analysing a case study, testing useful tools and creating an action plan – either individually or with colleagues.
  • An interactive training session that makes use of multi-media learning tools, group discussion and engaging activities.

Duration: 6 hours

Facilitator: PTF team

Pastoral Support: We know that this can be a challenging subject for many people, for different reasons. At Power The Fight, we do our best to embed Trauma Informed Principles in all of our training and will work with you to identify the pastoral support needed to help you and your colleagues participate in this training in a safe way.

Cost: Please book a Training Conversation for more information.

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Becoming a Culturally Competent Organisation