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MP Letter Template

Writing to your MP

Writing to politicians is a great way to raise awareness of violence affecting young people in your local area. It’s quick and easy, plus it helps your MP to represent you in Parliament.

What can my MP do about the issues that concern me?

It’s your MP’s job to make your voice heard in Parliament whether you voted for them or not. They represent their local area and can raise concerns of local people.

They can:

  • Vote on issues in Parliament
  • Write to the government minister responsible for the issue or make an appointment to see them
  • Ask questions in Parliament (‘Parliamentary Questions’ or PQs) about issues you raise
  • Ask for a debate in Parliament. A relevant minister will always attend this debate to respond to your MP on behalf of the government

When you talk about violence affecting young people in your area with your MP, you’re adding your voice to a national campaign for change.

Who is my MP?

Find out who your local MP is using Or, call the House of Commons Information Office on 020 7219 4272.

Letter Template

MPs are most likely to respond to a personalised letter, and especially one written by a passionate constituent who sets out why an issue is so important to them.

But if you do need a bit of guidance on how to set out your letter, here’s a template example you could use to help you write to your MP.