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Partner With Us

Power the Fight is a charity that relies on the generosity of our donors. We also believe in partnership. If you are passionate about promoting peace and ending youth violence, please consider partnering with Power the Fight. 

A partnership with Power the Fight will involve:

A commitment to giving – Your donations help us to continue our vital work. Please see our donate page for more information.

A commitment to being trained – As a partner you will gain access to our network of leading thinkers, trainers and practitioners.

A commitment to championing our work – Our resources and speakers are a great way to get your organisation, church, or community group involved in promoting peace and ending youth violence in your context.

A commitment to supporting our advocacy campaigns – Your stories inform our advocacy work. Our relationships with policy-makers and influencers enable us to give a voice to these stories and achieve change.

For more information on becoming a partner please Email us

Together we can power the fight to end youth violence.

Fundraise For Us

Thank you for considering fundraising for Power the Fight.

Your efforts help us to continue our vital work, to see more young people and communities inspired, empowered and equipped to end youth violence.

Whether a run, celebration, university RAG, cake sale or workplace charity of the year, there are lots of ways to get creative and have fun in support of Power the Fight.

Email us for more fundraising information.

Power the Fight is more than happy to support your fundraising efforts through:

  • Sending t-shirts and materials
  • Sharing your activity on social media
  • Sharing our logo to add to your materials
  • Please do let us know if you are thinking of fundraising for Power the Fight – we’d love to hear from you!